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Not sure if I belong here, yet...


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Hi! I am not really sure I belong here. But, I have an interest in amateur to possible professional (later) blacksmithing. I live in the US and am in the service for a few more years. I am only 34 yrs old.

If I don't belong here, just let me know and I will move on. Great to see a site like this online. Thanks!

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Pack a lunch and a cold drink, pull up a chair, and browse the site. The site takes a while to cover end to end, so be careful you don't get saddle sores from the chair. (grin) If you have questions, just ask. The chat room is another good place for information.

Welcome to IForgeIron, enjoy your visit.

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Well, unless you're some kind of subversive thinking you'll convert us to crocheting doilies, knitting cardigans or some other else less than manly man endeavor you're plenty welcome. Heck, if you start talking about crocheting, knitting or whatever I'm sure you'll find interested and knowledgeable parties here to talk to too.

Anyway, welcome aboard, glad to have ya.

If you find yourself assigned to Ft. Richardson or Elmendorf AFB in Anchorage, please look me up, I'm just up the highway and enjoy visitors. Especially if the like playing with fire and hitting things with hammers.


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