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My side draft hood plans

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This is my side draft hood, I hope it shows up OK. I drew it in CAD, so I could try to give you an idea. The upper part is as long as you need it to be for your pitch of roof, mine is a 2;12 pitch, and I think I used a 4'x10' sheet to get it tall enough. What I did was cut the sheet long ways, then bent it to form 2 "L" shapes and welded those together. I made flanges on the end to bolt to the top of the smoke chamber. I also put hooks on it to lift it in place. The sides of the bottom are also 12" wide. I included a smoke shelf inside, but I cant remember the size, seems it is half the width?? maybe some one could help out here as to what it should be. The opening is smaller than the fire pit size. I also made a Cap for the top that is cable operated with a handle on the front. Just a hinged door on top to keep the birds out, and the heat in the shop when its not being used. use stainless cable and hinges. It sits on the back lip of the forge, and has angle iron legs on the back of it. I painted it with that POR high temp paint. It works well, as I have not seen any corrosion in 6 years so far. I used 14 gauge steel for the top, and some of everything for the bottom, I had some diamond plate for the back and sides, i didn't want to buy another sheet, as i had this anyway. Hope you can use the idea.. and questions let me know.


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