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One man spring loaded holddown

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This is another tool I have had floating around my head for a while. Glad to get it out...

This is a hold down designed for the one man shop. I tried to grow three hands but came up with this instead.

The shaft is round stock that fits the hardie hole somewhat snug. The reason for round stock for the shaft is so you can turn it as needed.

I took a piece of heavy flat bar and cut it edgeways at a 45 degree angle, then inverted the end to form a V Groove. The other side I left flat for holding flat bar down. I drilled a 1/2 hole in the center of the bar, and plug welded it to the shaft. The varieties on this one are endless. I welded a length of 3/8 solid square lenthwise for stiffness, and added a handle.

I drilled the shaft on the bottom, and inserted and welded an eyebolt.

The spring tension had to be tested multiple times to get the bottom eyebolt in the anvil stump right.





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Thanks unkle spike
That design you developed is quick and simple. I like it so much that your hold-down will have a relative here in Utah shortly.
My hold-down presently extends out over the sides and then down to a spring as opposed to going through the hardie hole. I like your design even better.
Early-on when I was a young man I seen a lot of different hold-down designs that were held with foot pressure, or a weight instead of a spring.
Ted Throckmorton

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Let's see I could patent it and charge $1 for a download of the plans....

Then I would have to pay my bill for all the advice and ideas I got off other blacksmiths and Iforgeiron.com.....I think I would owe.

In the spirit of Blacksmithing, we all share here....just a "thanks for the idea" is payment enough. Now about the IOU's for all the ideas I have taken from others...:o Oops I am little short will you guys let me slide til next week?

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