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My first finished leaf spring knife.


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Hello everybody, I have been a member here for a little while but I don't remember initially signing up. I just happened upon this site today and thought "Oh, cool I'll sign up" and then found that I already had a login. weird. ok, well, I'll just pretend like this is my first time here (to try to maintain the illusion of sanity ) and introduce myself. I'm charlie and I have been making knives for a few months now in my spare time. I have been posting videos of me making my knives on youtube under the alias "strantor" (incidentally, that was the name I used here also). I figured I would throw up some pics of my work. The spike knife was my first knife ever and the huge leaf spring bowie is my latest (the bowie is my 1st leaf spring knife and my 5th knife total). OK, well I'll see yall around I guess!





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