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You might be addicted to blacksmithing if you...

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If you can stack fresh burns one on top of another!
Nothing like blistering a blister!
You hope for a deeper burn because it wont blister.
Your wife/husband/kids/neighbor says, "Hey your pants/shoe/shirt/hair is on fire!" and you respond with "HUH? Oh! How about that."
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see how clean your hands are, and think something is terribly wrong...

And your "buddy" succeeds in getting the fire out -now you have to ignite yourself again so you can continue with what you were doing, because you found it more economical timewise to just stay right

You know you're addicted to blacksmithing when: You realize you just spent the last 20 minutes reading this stupid thread and thought they were describing you. You realize most of your friends loo

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you might be addicted if your wife makes you install a doorbell in an unusual fashion, with the chime in the shop and the button on the house so she can summon you with out walking out to the shop...

My wife had me install an intercom so she can talk at me, err talk to me, while I am working hot metal, now if only I could get her to understand why I do not always respond immediately...
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if you start on your shop building before finishing the place you will be living in.

That's NOT a sign of addiction! We need hinges, after all! And some specialty decorative bits for the foundation!

Besides, I'll be living in the smithy. Wife says the new place will be too clean for me to be allowed into. B)
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1-you catch on fire and it's no big deal

2-you notice the coal black under your fingernails every time you go to a restaurant

3-you leave power tools out for the taking but lock up hammers and punches at the end of the day

4- you often have pieces of rusty "treasure" in the trunk of your car

5-you know that 0•3•9 = 93lbs

6-you think 1000°f is cold

7-your biggest vice is too many vises

8-you've ever thought of opening a rescue shelter for abused and neglected anvils

9- you know all sorts of highly technical and precise trade terms like, "mellow fire" or " hateful fire", or the difference between "squishing" and "smooshing"

10-you have never watched a single episode of "Forged in Fire" but all your customers tell you about it non-stop :-)

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Call you by name? Heck they call you by phone!

You pay for the pro version of Google Earth and scan satellite pics on the high def big screen for rust stains. Your kids taught themselves to play monopoly.

Frosty The Lucky.

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I remember walking into my local scrapyard and seeing their faces light up and think "Oh No, Not Again"; they had saved 6 100 pound dock weights just for me...

Never did figure out how dock weights got to the middle of the desert....

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I've also found a very rusty docking cleat way larger than *anything* that could float in NM could use and I can throw a rock across the local lake or local river...

Now I have seen anchor chain as well; but I know how it gets used out here: strung between two large bulldozers to clear out trees/brush growing in pasture land.

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1 hour ago, Charles R. Stevens said:

I was wondering where my "weather chain" got off to!

Didn't you have windy weather just after the last time you saw it?

Frosty The Lucky.

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