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Fabrication - Coal Forge Air Gate


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Hi, I am currently trying to setup a home smithy and building a coal forge etc. Has anyone fabricated a butterfly or slide type air gate before? Any plans or pictures to assist with building one would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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G'day Guys, thank you very much for your support and information.

Phillip thanks I will reverse engineer some of that and Tech413 really appreciate the effort in taking the pictures and posting. Pictures are so helpful in building something new. Thanks again.

FYI, you can view the Coal Forge I am building which the air gate is for in my Galllery Album "Fabricated Coal Forge". There is a series of 27 pictures of how I am building it.


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I have just looked at Tech413's pics and had a 'duh' moment. Great solution for an airgate. I plan to make one very much like it this weekend. A few weeks ago I purchased a Roger Lorance fire pot. After installing it with a little blower, it worked so well that I now need to put the airgate on. Thanks again for the idea and great pics.

I am also adding to my portable forge some ideas I got while working as a student at Touchstone, a teaching lab for blacksmith's south of Pittsburgh Pa. It's great that so many are willing to share information and ideas.

Dave A

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There will have been MANY threads on the site with information regarding airgates. I'll re-post mine here.

That also is a Roger Lorrance pot (with my shop built ash dump/tuyere ). I might add that these pics show the old (original for me ) power blower. will trya and find the pics with the new blower.

Last picture shows the new blower on the same airgate. Of course much better performance but the old one was used a LONG time before it died. Some will get hung up in someone elses specifications of CFM's needed, volume needed, yada yada yada. Fact is, the old blower worked fine until I traded for the new one ( which was several years old).

The airgate was built from a scrapped 3" hydraulic cylinder tube. The stand is just telescoping square tube that gives height adjustment. The speed control in the last picture ( maybe Glenn can crop that picture a bit) is for the blower on the gasser. Solid fuel runs wide open and the gate regulates the air.

BTW Tech 413, you have built an outstanding airgate yourself.






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