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Hay-Budden List

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Here are a few I picked up this year 

54LBS Hay Budden 

Date: 1895

SN: 17175

19.25”L x 11”FL x 7.25”BL x  6”BW x 2.5FW x 7.5”H

Hardy: 1”

Pritchel: .5”

Horn: 6.5”

Step 1.6”

101LBS Hay Budden 
Date: 1912
Sn: 199429
22”L x 13”FL x 9”BL x  8.25”BW x 3.75”FW x 9.5”H
Hardy 1”
Pricher .5”
Step 2”

100lbs Hay Budden blackjack 
Date: 1901
22”L x 13”FL x 9”BL x  8”BW x 3.75”FW x 9.75”H
Hardy .75”
Pricher .5”

161lbs Hay Budden 

29.5”L 17.25”FL x 10.75”BL x 9.75”BW 11.75”H x 3.75”FW Hardy 1” Pritchel holes 2x 3/4”


Hay budden 350ish had some serious damage 
 35” length 
5.75 face w 21” length 
13” height 
12” base 
1.5” hardy
Sn 1349
Made in 1892






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I knew the 125 was the weight. I didnt know what the 22 would be. There are a couple numbers in the front but they are so faint. I know there are more on foot in under the horn but I cannot make them other than 23, but there is space on either side of those two numbers. Thanks anyways, I knew without having those it would be difficult. 

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