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Intro to Heat Treating

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Steve, nearly all of the spec sheets list normalizing before anneal for most steels.

This is for the reason given by Buzzkill.

It's also why Cashen lists the same steps I list in all of his examples on his website.

Because you normalize at a slightly higher temp than annealing, grain growth is not affected by anneal. 

And I consider annealing to be a much needed step in the heat treat process. 

As I've said many times,,, you just can't lose by following the specs for the steel you are using. So, again,,, follow the specs, you are in good company,,, supported by Cashen.

I say nearly all because there are so many kinds of steels. I will say this step sequence works for all common steels used by knifemakers today.

I have never seen annealing not listed in the spec sheets. There are a few steels that the specs say do not normalize, and there are only a few steels that the specs list normalize more than once.  


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