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Forging an Anvil

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I was so inspired of this picture, because i have been working in this constellation as a blacksmith, with three people around the hammer for many years i AB Bofors in Sweden

Link removed at the request of anvilfire

So i decided to try to make a smaller version of an Anvil in my Beche

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This anvil weigh allmost 10Kg, and it tok about 15 minutes to forge, and about 20 minutes to machine and grind.

I use SS-2541 in this anvil and allmost in all my tools in the forge, exept in the hammer dies, but allmost eweryting else to use with the airhammer.


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Hello Kalsme'n-- You may have been inspired by Mr. Postman, but you will inspire many -right here. Thanks for showing us a little of what you and shop can do. You must have a very good(fine touch) feel for your work. It really impresses me.

Our 4340 is cheaper here also. We use it every chance that we can.

Thanks for joining us.

Chuck Bennett

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