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A new coal forge under way !

Oak Hill Forge

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This is my first attempt at forge building, so please post your comments and offer your experience and helpful ideas. Well here's my forge project so far. It's built from a 24" diameter farm disc harrow blade 1/4" thick. The firepot is 6" in diameter and 3 1/2" deep. It's formed from a 6" X 3" industrial pipe reducer. The clinker breaker is 1" thick mild steel stock, shaped to the contour of the 3" reducer bottom. The clinker breaker operating rod is 3/8". The legs are 3/4" pipe and will get threaded pipe caps to finish off the ground contact end. I have a 3" industrial tee which will finish the ash dump and allow access for the blower system. I'm going to make the blower mount so I can switch between my Champion 400 hand crank blower and an electric blower. A 3/18" X 1 1/2" band will be rolled and welded around the edge of the disc. More pictures will follow as I progress. We had great weather here after Christmas ( temps in the 70's !) good for fabrication ! Thanks Sam in Va, Oak Hill Forge








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That's pretty nice, wonder if you could weld on a flat area to store your fuel as a makeshift hearth?

After using a hair dryer on my first forge I couldn't see really ever wanting to do the whole hand crank thing. I'm just one person and i'm to busy with the work to crank the blower, tend the forge, and actually think about my work all at once. Plus i'm lazy lol

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I do see one typo, by the way... the band will be 3/16" x 1 1/2" ... the 3/18" stuff is WAY to hard to find :D

I have a Rivet forge like in the thumbnail ... so I have some experience cranking the blower, and I agree when you are doing it by yourself, it's time consuming. I wanted to make the forge portable with hopes that as I gain some experience maybe I can do some demo work at a local 1900's farm homestead near me on the Blue Ridge Parkway (hence no electricity)

I have a picture from e-bay with an extension table, but it's small. If I added that I would make it the full width of the disc. Good idea though.



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