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Fireplace Glass ?

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Hollis, the only glass work I have done has been table tops ( other than standard window glazing over the years ). I have a place that I go ( supplier ) and they are most knowledgable. Just a standard glass place that does automotive for the large part. They had to order my plate and it wasn't that pricey. Tempered stuff like you need will have a spec and I'm sure that you can get hooked up pretty easily. In a large metro area I'm sure that somebody has heat resistant glass.

http://www.tglass.com/heat_resistant.htm I found this when I did a Google search.

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Here is the bit that I know, if what I remember is accurate, regarding glass (for use in a woodstove).

"Normal" heat resistant glass is tempered. Once the glass is tempered it can NOT be cut. The glass must be tempered in its final size. Which means that you should probably build the screen once you have the glass "in hand".
There is another product which is not really glass, if memory serves correctly it is called neoceram (which may be a trade name and there may OR may not be other similar products). Most any glass shop can get you tempered glass in whatever size you want, but you'll have to wait for it, probably not very long though. I found several glass outfits that also sold the "neoceram" and many keep it in stock because it can be cut, ground, shaped, etc. and doesn't require tempering. It was several times the cost of glass, but the glass was cheap so the neo ceram wasn't too bad.

A side note--

--you should probably take into account in your design the thermal expansion differences in the steel (I assume) and the "glass" and make some means for the glass to "float" in the frame.

my two cents,

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We make windows where I work so that experience has helped me somewhat but we don't do anything that is high heat. I was planning to sandwich the glass between two pieces of 1/8x1/2 angle, with both "legs" facing outward so a channel is formed. I was planning to leave at least 1/8 gap on the ends and 1/32 where it is sandwiched. I'll tell them that it just has to rattle a bit. The only other thing I thought of was to install some spring loaded plunger buttons so there would be tension but the glass can move.

Thanks for the ideas.

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