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drift dimensions

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Howdy folks. First post here, but some of y'all know me from PaleoPlanet, Don Fogg's, Primal Fires, The Outpost, etc.

I recently wrapped and welded my first tomahawk blank out of wrought iron and 1095. (I know 1095 may be a little high in carbon for this purpose, but it was handy. I'll be sure to temper it well.) I did this on the fly and everything was improvised, including my mandrel. As a result, the eye is a little off in both shape and size. I figure I'll correct those problems with a drift -- which brings me to my question.

I've started forging the drift out of a 1"x1" square demolition hammer bit made of S-5. The problem is that I'm not sure where to stop; I don't know what dimensions I should be shooting for at the widest part of the drift. I'd like to make this drift work for commonly available hawk handles. Can anyone help me out? I realize it may be kind of a difficult question to answer because we're not talking about a regular shape that's easy to measure, but I'd appreciate any input.

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That occurred to me, but for the time being I'd rather buy my handles. I only have so much time and storage space, and right now I prefer to devote most of it to metal. I bought a hickory hawk handle for $4 today, which, considering the opportunity cost of my labor, is cheaper than I could make one. :) (Of course the same math might also dictate that I should buy my hawk heads but we have to draw the line somewhere, don't we?)

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