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I Forge Iron

Etching steel.....

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First I would say get a piece of steel/iron and then melt some wax onto it. A fairly even thickness if possible. Then use a pointed stick to make the test pattern ( preferably a copy of the final pattern) make sure stick is sharp. Mebbe even have one end like a pencil and the other sorta like a knife blade to help shape and define the edges. You could use an exacto knife but this will most likely scratch the metal.
Once you have the pattern placed then place a bit of etchant ( some acid) on the metal exposed in the wax. then wait. How long not sure it depends on ambient temp and acid as well as steel. This is why you do a test first. Once you think enough time has passed rinse in clean pure water and look at the etched metal. If it is dark enough then remove wax and give the piece a bath in baking soda to neutralize the acid.

Now this is a rough and ready means. I am sure that the BP Glenn has sent you is more refined, but this will give you a basic start point.
Good luck and take pictures as the rest of us are intriqued. Well at least I am.
Ralph 8)

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Hey thanks guys, it worked beautifully. I had to experement some first though.
I tried a couple different ways and then kind of came up with my own version. I took a 1-pound bag of rock salt and put it in a 5-gallon bucket of hot water, made it disolve and then hooked the pike head and the water up to a car battery. I cut the pattern out in duck-tape cause the scotch-tape didn't hold up under water with all that bubbling, and then just did one side at a time so I could monitor it better. I was sort of experimenting so I don't know if using either copper wire or a car battery was very smart, -so unless you know better then me don't try it (my disclaimer :oops: )..... it worked for me though! :P
I will try to get a picture of it on here since its all done.

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