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1st 2nd knives


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recycling as I understand it is a common thing among hobbyist knife makers I am no exception. I made these knives from a P.O.S. untempered stainless sword I bought at a knife show some 8 years ago. They were made with the stock removal process I reworked the grind to get it very close to a flat grind with only a slight curve. they are rough work no mistake but very satisfying to make. The larger of the two started out as an idea for a tanto-ish style knife but ended up as a kind of drop point severly angled fighter. I don't care for tanto tips much myself, they look too fragile for my taste. I hope to cast a bronze ring guard for the larger piece, and finish it with a wood grip riveted on, purple heart if I can manage it.

the smaller of the two was made from the tip you can actually see a bit of the original grind on the handle this will probably end up with a cord grip.



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Have you hardened and tempered these knives?

I just wondered with you saying the original wallhanger was made from stainless steel, I know some stainless is hardenable but I'm certainly not sure if ALL stainless is hardenable. If you want working knives then it'd be a shame to spend a lot of time getting them looking right if you can't harden them.

For a first and second effort they look very good, and will only look better the more you do, keep at it.

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thank you MRobb, so do I.

Ian: I have not tempered these yet, I am currently working on the facilities to perform such an act. These were pieces I made for shits and giggles, hardenable or not they were a worthwhile learning experience. I hope for the best though :)

I see that I miss spoke (or posted as the case may be) these are my first knives made with the stock removal method. I was an apprentice blacksmith for a few weeks at the renaissance festival near where I live. I made two knives in that time. One I trashed, it was an improperly made (mild steel at that) piece. The second also made from mild steel much better designed I still have it somewhere. I will post pictures when I find it.

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