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Tongs 2.0

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Just thought that I would share photos of my second pair of tongs.. the first pair died a twisted death.I started with 5/8" round stock and the plans to make them from the ABANA site. These work real well. I love them and I am going to make a second pair for thicker stock soon. Let me know what you all think.







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Well done Archiphile - I have been reading those vary same ABANA instructions this week regrettably after I pretty much messed up a first attempt. I hope to find time this weekend though I have a few other items folks have asked be to make up for X-mas.

Tong making skill development is something I have set down as a goal for the upcoming year. I have plenty of tongs collected over the years so have never put much into it. I have just decided it is a skill I should have as I continue to pursue my smithing interests.

Great Fun it all is!

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Archiphile, good job on the tongs!

Now that you have basic tongs 'down', the real fun begins when you realize that with a simple modification here and there.......you can make bolt tongs,v-bit tongs, link tongs, goose neck tongs, scrolling tongs, as you need them

Before you know it, you will have a collection of your own tongs!

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Tongs are fun to make. The pair that I have pictured here sadly had a crack near the one of the jaws and broke I have already drilled the rivet and make a new half in about five heats.(seemed like about 15 min) I am working on a fuller so that I can make v-bolt tongs and I need a pair of link tongs and I have about twenty feet of wrought iron chain to work. Thank you to all who have responded to this post.

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Theres a real sense of pride when you first succeed in making a working tool. After you've made a few that work it's then becomes a case of how much pride you want to put into making them.

When someone says ''where did you buy them''? and your reply is ''I didn't'' then you know your on the right track.

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