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theres a few unanswered questions do you have a welder and do you know how to weld then theres what type of fire pot you looking to make the one im using now is made from the bottom of a propane tank you can use a brake drum i'm in the procese of makeing a bigger forge i'm using the top of a oxygen bottle got the idea from the fithwheel forge plane on here and its some thing i was going to scrap as its out dated by years so really in my opion is what ever you like is what to make

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i've made my pot,it is working for a year already.i had 12 mm plate(almost 1/2 inch).can you cut it with an oa torch?with the angle grinder it might be a challenge...best way to make the form of paper first,that you can see if everything fits.pics about the pot in member galleries/borz,i didnt find the way to post them,sorry

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