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Using a car tire rim as a firepot


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Well I found a spare tire on the side of the road because I figured I could use it to make a decent firepot. The family's metal fire pit is now being replaced so I was thinking of using the rim in the firepit.

My question is are tire rims ever anything to fear heating up? I am afraid I don't know how to tell what sort of metal it is, I'd imagine steel but ~shrug~.

Any tips ?

I know I have read of people successfully using these but I don't know if mine is like theirs :(

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I built my demo forge from a boat trailer rim. The rim was about a 12" size. I added a hoop of 1" x 1/4" steel to make the "pot" a little deeper. Works fine. The rim should be either steel or alloy. A magnet will tell the difference if you can't.

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Test the rim with a magnet to be sure it is steel and not aluminum, magnesium or some other metal. Then drop bolts into the lug bolt holes and if you want the upgraded version add a little clay to cover the bolts. Reference BP0133 55 Forge for a twyere or build your own.

The rim/wheel forge works, but most rims are a little deep in my opinion. This can be fixed by using a shallow rim. This type forge can do a lot of work, so use it while you find or build a better forge. Each forge hears a little bit differently and there is no reason not to build 2 or 3 forges. This way the forge becomes just another tool that you choose because of the type and size heat it produces.

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