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C41-15 anyang pneumatic hammer[help]

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I have a new c41-15 hammer in my shop,it is now secured to the floor,motor is mounted,belts are tighted and foot lever is in place.The operation manual is very vague.So what im looking for is help with the wiring.From the source to 5the switch and then to the motor .Also pre start up check list. THANKS TO ALL AT I FORGE IRON.......over and out

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Kasper, I am still in China (it's Saturday evening here). Will be flying back to the US tomorrow and can help you better when I get home. The wiring is fairly simple but if you are not comfortable wiring electricity, you might want to have a qualified electrician wire it up.

I am fairly comfortable with single phase... but my first time with three phase, I had an electrictian wire it up... Probably best to send me your email address and I can take some pictures of my wiring job for single phase.

Regards, James

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Live U1 , Neutral U2, Earth, well to the earthing point!

If your not sure get a sparky in to look at it. Check that the switchgear the chinese have supplied conforms to your local regs. I do not supply the chinese swithgear with the hammers that I sell (it used to go striaght in the bin, now I request they dont send it!). A good quality Direct Online Starter is approx $100usd. You need to purchase the overload to suit. The 15 kg hammer will pull over 16 amps on start when its new, and cold. Rate the overload higher than this.

If you are setting up the hammer from a 'domestic' supply take a feed from the Electric cooker circuit, it should be 30 amps min.

I always tell my customers to get a sparky to do it, and the above is all the advice im willing to give on wiring hammers in. There are to many variables to have a guess at it, and if you get it wrong you can cook the motor, cook the supply cables, burn the house down, kill yourself etc. There is a reason electricians spend years studying this stuff (it can be a bit naughty!) - and im sure they carry indemnity insurance if it goes wrong. Im afraid I dont for electrical installations!

John 'passing the buck' N. :)

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i can wire single phase, but 2 things ya need to know bout electrisity...1 pay the bill and it don,t get cut off,,,2 mess with it and it will kill you!! but sriously,it really isn,t difficult- but wait for the pix, or for someone with a better way of explaining it to you, reguards jimmy

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