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I Forge Iron

New skill learned and first demo in public`

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I learned two newe things recently.
The first was how to make a mule-head from a horseshoe. I had the privelege to work at the NC State Fair a few weeks ago and had the greater privelege to work with a gentleman by the name of Don Dillon. If I have my story straight, Don's family is the benefactor and builder of the smithy at the state fairgrounds. Also, Don is either third or fourth generation blacksmith. I was a true joy and honor to get to work with him.
I asked Don if I could help him make a mulehead and when we finished, he told me to get a "shoe". I started the process of straightening it out, and when I looked up, he was walking away. There were also 20-25 fair-goers patiently watching me to see what the "blacksmith" was going to make. Don came back about halfway through and showed me how to fix the things I had done "not-quite the way it shoulda been... but close":)

The other thing was making a feather. My Y-Indian Guide "name" is Iron Feather, so I had to make one.
One of my sons is Yellow Feather (when asked, yellow is his favorite color because it is the color of sunshine), so I will make another smaller one and brass it up. I will make sure my son helps with it so he has claim on it too.

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