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commemorative bowl

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Commemorative Plate made for a client whose Son Died.
The writing around the plate is as follows.
" whom shall i call each day opening the window that in winters past framed your playful commotion. Whom shall i call without him coming"





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I've sat here for quite a while flipping from picture to picture and this bowl draws my attention. I must say I'm impressed and would love to know of the inspiration for the design work. Details on materials and what you used to form the bowl, are also questions that have come to mind. Everything appears to be riveted except one piece? Do you have a picture of the back?

Nice work...

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Thanks for the comments,All items are made from stainless steel, with the hearts made in copper, all are rivetted with small copper rivets. The six hearts and the six acorns symbolize the six family members. The acorn that is wilting or broken to one side symbolizes the son that died with the remaining acorns supporting. The client supplied me with the writing around the bowl and wanted a symbolic broken branch. The basic design and rest of the content was left to me. It is a very moving piece and means alot to me but it means the world to the client and his family.

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