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I got shakes ...quakes ... and shivers.. I am selling my house... and hauled all my gear down to my mother in laws .... most people do not appreciate blacksmith gear .. and stagehand order ...

I am not sure what I will do... but .. .. I may start grilling with the small pile of coal fines and charcaol I have " Hidden" from my wife ... and re arrange the fork tine or something... maybe I can re build my grill ... ... a little fan .. adjust the aspiration of the gas.... ... it just might work....

hanging on

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My name is Pat and I am a blacksmith. I can stop any time, but I don't think I will. The family likes my stuff and they even buy me coal for Christmas.

Mainely Bob, I just read your entry (#148). You are a sick puppy. That beach wasn't any where near Boothbay.

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What I have I would say is a Disease not an adiction and I am highly contagious. I got it from a book and brought it home to my wife it spread to my mother and father. then my brother and sister got it. I walk around the streets of the world letting the infection spread to every one I come in contact with. and they thought typhoid mary was badlaugh.gif .

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when your wife tells you some girls are comin over and you should make yourself scarce, this becomes a reason for celebration rather than irritation, and you can't wait to come walkin in all sweaty and coal covered, just to see the look on their faces!! hahahahahahahahahahahaha

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It is not an addiction <_< . It is an obsession/passion :wub: . I could quit any time I wanted to but then I would be labled a "Quitter" and I'm no quitter!

I am of German decent and my last name is Rossnagel. Ross means 'horse' and 'nagel' means nail. So I reckon somewhere down the line there was a horse nailer (farrier)in the family. So I got it honestly.

I like the fact that it is the one past time that I have where the wife is actually happy to have me do it. It keeps me close to home and she says that she likes to hear me work outside. I may have to record some hammering and put it on a loop so I can sneak off and look for some deals on old tools and iron.

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." Confucius

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I can't say whether Samuel Yellin (1885-1940) was or wasn't a smitaaholic, but I'm taking it upon myself to post a quotation from him...just in case.

"I love iron; it is the stuff of which the frame of the earth is made. And you can make it anything you will. It eloquently responds to the hand, at the bidding of the imagination. When I go to rest at night, I can hardly sleep because my mind is aswarm with visions of all the gates and grilles and locks and keys I want to do. I verily believe I shall take my hammer with me when I go, and at the gate of Heaven, if I am denied admission, I shall fashion my own key." *

As for me personally, I have a slack water dog that I trained to be my striker, but that wouldn't qualify me as a 'holic, would it?

* "Sketches in Iron: Samuel Yellin" by Myra Tolmach Davis, The Dimock Gallery, The George Washington University, Washington, D.C.

http://www.turleyforge.com Granddaddy of Blacksmith Schools

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ok folks, I started this thread about this time of year 2 years ago, in hopes of assurring my wife I was not alone in this mad obsession, but it seems to be getting worse not better. I have recently decided to sell off some of my stuff, she thinks I'm getting better, but in reality, it's just cause I ran out of room, and want to be ready for next season, or a power hammer, or more tongs, more hammers, bicks and anvils, doodads and thingamajiggers, take a look at the pics and you will see what I am up against.

post-4158-026211800 1287769626_thumb.jpg

post-4158-060217800 1287769986_thumb.jpg

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Hi, my name is John, and I am a recovering blacksmith.....and this is my first AA meeting.

Eh? What's that, this isn't Anvils Anonymous?

QUIT DRINKING??? Why the xxxx would I want to do that???

Sorry, wrong room.

Used elsewhere by me, but it fits here.
I don't know a ten step program from a 12 step one, but I have carried a 200+ lb anvil uphill 20 yards in the mud, and set it on the tailgate. Does that count?

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I really need help, I thought if I sold off some stuff, I could make some room, and my wife would see I'm really ok. But I am grieving!! I sold the set of Yater swage blocks, an anvil, a a grinder, a post vice, a buffalo blower, a half of a wine barrel quench bucket, 12 tongs, 2 hammers, an upsetting plate, and a mandrel. And instead of being happy, I am suffering from sellers remorse. Maybe it's just because the auction season is pretty much over here, Idunno!!

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