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Welding Flux

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Answer: I don't know. :lol:

HOWEVER... you will know fairly quickly by trying it. I'm not a rock scientist (just COULDN'T resist), but as I recall, granite is a family of material. A quick research on the web would tell you what's typically in it. For instance, here is one link with a breakdown of likely elements:


From the table in this article, it looks like SiO2 is the most prominent ingredient, which you would expect from a quartz family of rocks.

Sooo.... if the other elements don't hinder welding (and I don't see why they would), it seems to me that you would be using the equivalent of sand (with other gunk, though) ... which is a valid flux.

Put some on a piece of iron. Put it in the forge and bring it carefully to welding heat. With sunglasses or (better) #4 or #5 welding glasses, watch the surface. If the granite dust melts and coats the iron slightly before you reach midrange welding heat, you probably have a flux worth trying.

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Please be careful handling that powdered stone. If you breathe the dust you are making youself a candidate for Silicosis which is a progressive and fatal disease. When you get it from coal dust it is called Black Lung Disease, from stone dust containing Silicone, it is Silicosis, results are the same. Wear a Respirator when using or working around this stuff. PLEASE!


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Ed, I'll give it a go tomorrow and let you know. Don't lose any sleep over it :)

And yes Woody I have all the good oil on silicosis and rock dust. This dust is everywhere in the quarries I work in and they're forever telling us of the dangers.

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Scuse me Jim while I recompose myself :D ...(insert think music here).... Nup I just can't think of a comeback. And Ed, rocks is rocks to me. Alls I know is that when you drill a hole into them they make a lot of dust, and noise which makes the place downright uncomfortable. I just tell 'em where to put the hole.

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