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How to "Hold Your Tongue"

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Those photos are priceless!
What you teach them now will stick with them for a life time.
You will never regret the time spent teaching your kids, or other kids. Kids are kids and all of them need mentors!
Thank You for the photos.
Ted Throckmorton

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Warning! A friend of mine was the smith at the Ohio Historical Society and they had a childrens day where one father wanted his very young son to have a chance to hammer some brass on a stump. So he was right behind his kid supporting him when the kid raises the hammer with both hands over his head hitting his father squarely in the forehead with great vigour.

They make kid sized safety equipment; you may want to look into getting some---train them that the safety glasses go on when they enter the shop when they are young and it will seem natural when they get older and might be a tad rebellious....

Sigh; my youngest is 19 and it's grand kids I get to play with.

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