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Kaowool Rigidizer, Mixing Instructions? Application?

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I bought a gallon of Kaowool Rigidizer Friday ($18) at a local Furnace manufacturer/Supply. Unfortunately, there were no instructions on the container.

I looked through Thermal Ceramics's website, but (so far) have not located any mixing instructions (if required) and only limited application instructions.

Is it used full-strength (undiluted) or do you mix with water?

In addition to coating the exposed Kaowool, is rigidizer also good to use as an adhesive to attach the Kaowool to the inside of the steel furnace walls?

Reading from Ron Reil's website, he indicated that the furnace should be fired to cure the Kaowool, then allowed to cool before applying the ITC-100 coating.

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Apply the rigidizer without diluting it. A good spray bottle works well to give you an even coat. The wool will absorb it quickly, and how much you use depends on how deep you want the material hardened. Heck, you can even completely soak the wool prior to installation if you'd like. It will air dry and harden on it own or you can fire the forge to speed it up. The rigidizer will not work as an adhesive.

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