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My Anvils secret identity.Helppppppp

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Hi I brought anvil about a month back and I have been searching sense then for what brand it is with no luck so far.
I was hoping y'all could help.
It looks like at least the base of it was cast(the markings on the base are raised.) but it also appears to be made in 3 pieces(the base,body,face).
the weight is 71 pounds which is marked under the heel on the base(raised)
there is also a mark next to the weight that looks like a "V" or something like that.
Other than that I dont no much more about it.except I have been using it and it works great it has a very nice rebound which makes my forging easier.
It does not ring at all but still works fine. I have heard that cast anvils dont ring(let me know if that true).
Well thats it any help would be great I will try to put on the pictures of it soon.

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