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What year was my Hay Budden Anvil made?

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Hi all...

I have an old Hay Budden Anvil. Weighs in at 127 pounds on the digital bathroom scales.

The serial number is one of these...

Possibly more numbers completely worn off after the 2.
But it definitely starts with 3 on the left edge of the foot under the horn...

Thank you!
Oakdale, CA





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there wasnt a reference to any numbers with a dash in it. some of the later serial number were preceded with an "A" (after 1918). there doesnt look to have been enough room before the serial number for a missing letter though.

Thanks again. That's awesome to know. My dad has Alzheimer's but he did tell me today that it was his dad's dad's anvil. So I guess that is correct.

Wonder how much its worth? Not sure I want to sell it.
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