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hi everybody

daniel j.

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my name is daniel and i am new in this forum,i am 45 years old and live in thailand.
after i finished my apprentice ship as a german cutler i started to make my own kind of knives,which can be seen here:Daniel Boll - Willkommen auf meiner Webseite
still not in english language,but i m working on this.
doing this for a living is tough,especially in tropical conditions,but the love for knives is much stronger than a few sweat drops and a bunch of mosquitos:p
so lets share our experiencies and good luck to you all:)

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Howdy from East TEXAS!! and welcome to IFI! You don't have to be able to read the text on your site, your work speaks for itself! Beautiful knives! Thanks for sharing. Feel free to chime in anytime. We have an awesome group of folks here, from all over the world, and very diverse in talent. Once again, welcome.

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Dealing with mosquitoes: For some reason when I am running my gas forge I NEVER have any problem with mosquitoes, if i turn it off I start getting bit with in 10-15 min and if I don't turn it on at all i get eat up by them. Perhaps they are attracted to the CO the forge puts out and are getting eaten by the dragon! I notice MANY other bugs flying into the forge and every time I start it up I have to dust the dead bugs out that flew in after I turned it off each time I start it up. Do coal forges eat bugs as well?

Welcome to IFI, here is the best way to read your web page for those of us who need it: Translation

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thanx for the warm welcome and the kind words for my work.
nate dj:no the mosquitos here dont fly into the forge,they are attacking me from behind and staying away from the heat.
can anyone of you guys explain how to put pictures of my new work into the forum?
i read it up and down but didnt get it(maybe my knowledge of computers and their terms is to poor,also fighting with my english a little bit).
maybe one of you has the patience to explain that to me.that would be very kind,thanks.

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