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I'm Ernest Jerry Carroll, known here as Jerry. I have been around metal working of all sorts all my 64 years. I came into the world in the Eastern mountains of Kentucky, Baxter--in Harlan county, coal mining country. Before I left Ky. I had worked in saw mills, coal mines, on a well drilling rig (water)as a plumbers helper with my Dad and his brothers--in coal mines--all by the time I was 15! I moved to Chicago, IL in 1958 and worked several jobs before staying with a copper wire factory several years. Got married to a girl from "down home" in 61--went to work at a Ford stamping plant in 63--retired in 98. During those years 3 sons and a daughter was born. I began martial arts training and after a few years taught at the American Karate Association head Quarters in Momence, IL. under Master John Sharkey. Over the years blackpowder gun building, woodworking, engraving, stock car and drag racing and a more serious interest in smithing has been a part of my life. My wife and kids, Church and now 11 grandkids, of course, have been my main reason for living. I live out in the farmlands away from the town of Momence, IL on a plot of an acre and a half. My smithy is called "Border Towne Forge". I have gained more knowledge from the wonderful people I have met here and next door than I could ever possibly have in any other attempt. I cannot thank you fellows enough. God Bless you!!

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