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Volunteer for The Gift Project??AND THE FUTURE

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Would two members make a list of all of the eligible smiths- in -training and check for missing and doubles. Then one of you will assign a number to each and keep that list. Tomorrow evening, I will post IN THIS THREAD, the number I draw at random.
There are two 19 year olds who want to be included- but, I set the rules and the intent was to get this forge to someone less likely to be able to go to school, keep a job and forge as well. SO, 18 is tops for age.
There are a couple of nominees who appear to have regular access to adult smiths with plenty of equipment- I had not anticipated that in setting this up- I did at least suggest that I did not want to see this in an established smith's shop. I meant to help the youngster who was forging ahead with an in-ground, coffee can, or ammo can forge; the bare minimum. I am not saying that young smiths who are sometimes apprentices are not worthy- they are essential to carrying on the traditions. These part-time equipped smiths SHOULD be included in this drawing for the gift.
I will have to say no to our friend in eastern Europe- this sounds nasty, but the substantial nature of the gift is there; international shipping will be very expensive- I am not well-to-do, as many of you probably think. If someone here commits to paying international shipping and doing the customs paperwork, then he is in.

After each is assigned a number then one of the helpers says" Mike, the numbers run from 1 through 19-pick one." And someone gets a very nice forge.

THE FUTURE- there may be another member offering a nice used gas forge for a similar presentation. He can set the rules, but that will likely be by vote. In that scheme of things, merit would determine the outcome. This is just in the works.

Once the drawing is done, I will post my mailing address so that, as necessary, a parent or guardian can send me a letter approving the gift. A picture of the recipient using the forge with a big smile will be expected.

Thanks-2 volunteers contact me please, so we are set up for the GRAND FINALE. Mike Tobey

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