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I Forge Iron

Ag Museum Work Station and adjustable height anvil stand.

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This is what the new Forging station at the Ag Museum looks like now.


And this is the new Adjustable Height Anvil Stand, there are 3 pieces of 2 by 10 and 4 pieces of 3/4 plywood for inserts for a total of 7 inches of height adjustment.


And this is the cleaned up and anchored to the floor large post vise for the station.


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Way to go JR on the whole project. Are all those tools, some of your tools Junior, or where did you aquire all of those tools so quickly? How is that post vise mounted...I cna kind of tell from the picture, but I mean the whole stand thing, bolted into the floor, also what is the slack tub from. Great job again!!!

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That's been one magnificent job of work Jr.

Do you you have something to lift the anvil other than the old Armstrong hoist when adjusting it?

I have a good back and plan on keeping it that way. Mr engine hoist is your friend. :)


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m brothers, the tools have all been donated to the museum by various people.

Frosty, whenever there is something going on at the museum there are always working directors around to help with any tasks that need to be done. They were great about finding materials and helping in any way they could with the building of the forge. The majority of the directors are retired farmers and other business people with an interest in preserving the past, and it doesn't hurt that they have accumulated wealth they are willing to share by donating buildings and artifacts to the museum. Some of the buildings are new structures for the storage of artifacts and some are historic buildings they have had moved to the museum site and volunteers have restored them and keep them up. Included are approx 100 + old windmills of many different kinds that have been erected mostly down Windmill Lane that is about a half mile long extending from the Main Museum entrance down a lane in the field south of the Museum proper to Hiway 36 on the south edge of the museum land. A lot of the directors use the buildings to store their restored tractors and old cars in for a permanent display for the public. Its the same story at the Albany Historical Musem about 20 miles to the west at Sabetha, Ks another little Kansas Town I am associated with both museums as well as the local Richardson County Historical Society in my home town.

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