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Is there an affordable Pyrometer?

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Is there an affordable/cheap Pyrometer with a working range that would be useful for monitoring a furnace or useful for tracking forging temperatures?

I was at Harbor Freight Tools the other day, and noticed a relatively cheap ($30) infrared pyrometer/thermometer that works up to 968 Deg f / 520 Deg C.

That 968 Deg is too low to be useful, but it had me wondering if there might be a similar item with a higher working temp. range available, at a similar or relatively low price?

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I've bought an Omega HH300 series thermometer with Type K thermocouples. There are no basic instructions, so I of the belief that it is "intuitive" to use. The small braided wire is laid in the fire/ on the red hot smoking steel and magically infers info to the multi-tester. I am to believe that the Type K thermocouple is a consumable? Before I set fire to another pile of money I would enjoy some encouragement! I hope it isn't comparable to having a #12 scalpel and Foley retractor, if you have to ask, maybe you need to think about it a little more. Thanks, Steve T

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