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Trying to learn a little about Blacksmithing


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Good Morning,
I've been very interested in Blacksmithing all my life. Now that it's almost to late I'm taking a class at the local community college. I live on the family farm that my great grandfather started. There is a log building that was used as a blacksmith shop. After thirty years of living here I've cleaned out the junk and am in the process of making it a blacksmith shop again.

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bsiler, welcome to I Forge Iron.
You said that you were "Trying to learn a little about Blacksmithing".
Well if you are not very careful, you could learn a whole lot about Blacksmithing, Welding, Metal Forming, Knife Making, Repousse, and also make a lot of friends here at I Forge Iron.
I do not believe that it is to late for you at all. In fact I believe when a person comes into the blacksmithing craft later on in life, that it may be an advantage.
That is because they enter the craft fortified with all of the knowledge and experience they have learned in life, and then learn how to re-apply it to forging steel.
Good common sense coupled with knowledge goes a long way.
So just dig in and enjoy the journey!
Ted T

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It was a pleasure meeting you at the NC state fair grounds today. My son really appreciates the drive hook you gave him. Being able to watch someone other than "Daddy" make something is really helpful.

look forward to seeing you at the fair


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