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Pre-orders of Hofi Hammer Handle glue.

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We are putting together a order for the Sikaflex hammer handle glue Hofi uses in all his hammers, but need to know if there is enough interest. Price will depend on the the order, but should be less than $15.

In ALL my 20 years of forging I never wedged a hammer ALWAYS GLUED the handle to the hammer head . 6 years ago I started to use SIKAFLEX 11 FC and all the hammers that I forged and cast and they are holding without any problem.

The advantage of the SIKA is that it holds much better and because of the rubber like nature it absorbs the vibration much better. I am speaking about more then 1000 hammers that I sold in that 6 years time. One Container Is Good To Handle 25-30 Hammers.

If you wanted to try this product to attach hammer heads to handles, now is your chance. Drop me a email, pm or what ever so we can get an order together.
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To answer a personal message:
The glue is said to have a shelf life of 6-8 months (as I recall), due to the quick set feature of the formulation. I do not know if this is storage before use or after the tube is open.

Hofi wrote the follow suggestions for use of the sika
1 There must be a small clearance between the tool and the handle
2 Prepare small grooves on the place the handle seat in the tool perpendicular to the handle end
3 Use rubber thin gloves ( if one use the uncovered fingers ) it will take a week to clean off the sika. Smear the handle first and second the hammer eye. Then push the handle to the right location.
4 Wipe the excess sika with the gloved finger
5 Let it set for 48 hours
6 Brush with mechanical steel brush to clean
7 If one use only a part of the tube and want to preserve the rest from drying out one must stick the nozzle into turpentine. Then the material in the tip does no set and you can go on using it.

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As I mentioned in the loose handle thread, SIKAFLEX and 3M 5200 are both moisture-cured polyurethane adhesive. Sealing after opening will save the bulk of the adhesive, but a plug of cured adhesive always develops at the opening (even overnight in humid marine conditions). The cured plug can be pulled out and discarded, while the rest of the tube remains very usable. I would believe your 6-8 months window might be about right.

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Glenn (Re-Hofi Glue)
I am very interested in finding more about the particulars of obtaining the Hofi glue. Mostly a price and quantity!
Although I am very satisfied with using the techniques that I have been taught about mounting a hammer head and handle, I am always interested in improving my skills and will always be willing to learn more right up to the time of my earth departure.

My simple secret (secret, just kidding) is to set the handle with the wood being as dry as I can get it.
In fact I will soak a wood handle in hot sand for several hours before I mount it. Then I make sure the shape of the top of the handle is very close to the eye shape, and that it sticks out at least

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I would be glad to go in on an order for the hammer handle adhesive. I have been using a product that is used for padding for a horses hoof and have had good results. Count me in for 2 tubes.


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