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IForgeIron would like to welcome Ontario Artisan Blacksmiths Association (OABA). This is your forum, use it to let others know about your group, your activities, and events. Post photos of the events when they are over so we can see what we missed.

This is your forum, please use it to keep us informed about your group.

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So, is anything going on in the month of November in Southern Ontario-? (I am returning to the home country for a wee visit, I'll be in the Niagara Region.)

ps. ertwdan, I love that proverb!


I posted the meeting dates for October and November on the OABA forum.
Spread the word to other canadian smiths you know on IFI.
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I recommend attending any function that features Mick Smith. He's informative and entertaining. I haven't been to his place before but I think it's north of Fergus just off Hwy 6. Meeting date is Nov 8, 2008

Hopefully we'll see you there

I'm glad you like the proverb...It's good to agree with hammer-wielding types...

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