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Blower Repair - Champ 40

Phil Dwyer

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Hi Friends,

I've gone through the old threads, but couldn't quite find the info I need.

I just got an old Champion #40 blower with a bit of a prob. The fan propeller shaft slides out of the body thereby thrusting the blades into the outside housing face. Adjusting the blades and/or moving the blades further back on the shaft doesn't resolve the prob as the shaft just keep coming forward until the housing is re-engaged. When I take the housing apart, I indeed found, the shaft just falls right on out. I am mystified as to how it is supposed to be retained.

Anyone know?

Thanks, Phil


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I figure some of it out. Part of the shaft is actually a bushing. I've got it separated. I guess I'll try some lock tight to re-seat it in the housing. I'm still not sure it'll retain the shaft though. There seems to be too much play between the bushing and the housing, thus am not sure the locktight will do the job. Plus it seems the forge's heat will challenge the locktite too. Anyone got any ideas?

Thanks, Phil


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The drive gear is acting like a ring and pinion; similar to an automobile axle - so the fan shaft has a tendency to push out (as you have seen). I think the Loc-tite idea is a good one since the blower does not get all that hot; maybe too warm to touch with a bare hand but nothing high enough to make the adhesive fail.

Some other ideas...
Option 1 is to make a new bushing on a lathe - if you have access to one.
Option 2 is to dimple the outside of the bushing so it will interfere with the housing. You could also wrap it with shim stock to get the same effect.
Option 3 is to sweat solder the bushing into the housing.

My first option is make a new one but that's because I have access to several lathes. In the absence of that, I would solder it into place. It will definitely stay put and is relatively easy to remove if replacement ever becomes an issue.

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