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Weight of 25lb & 50lb LG and moving them

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I've been looking at acquiring a 25lb or 50lb little giant trip hammer when time permits and I find one within a reasonable driving distance. I had a few questions to make sure I am prepared to move and lift one when the time comes.

Does anyone know the net weight of a 25lb and 50lb L.G. Any advice on lifting/moving them? Is it ok to lift them by wrapping a strap under the top of the "C" part of the frame or is there a better way to go about it?


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There is link on here..I think it is from the opening page that tells exact weight of the lg hammers. The 50 is roughly 1800 lbs We lifted mine into a trailer with a tractor with a front bucket to bring it home. Then had one of the older vehicle wreckers come out and lift it our he tied it to the back of the truck and drove it to the back of my yard and boomed it into place...Then he wanted $20 lol He left with alot more than that....

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