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Anvil I.D.....Pics

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I think it may be an Arm and Hammer anvil.Has a great face and good clean edges with only minor marks..It looks like the first letter on the top is an "A" and the last two letters of the top left word are "ER"..Between the two lines has pecker marks so if there was anything there you cant see it..The bottom as you can see says "Wrought Iron"..Below that 100 with no marks and it does weigh 100# which also leads me to believe its an American made Arm & Hammer...Am I wrong? If so please correct me...Thanks...

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hello Sask Mark, Arm and hammer anvils do have a serial number on the front foot but the weight stamp is on the side just like the one KYBOY has pictured , that is an Arm and Hammer by the way, I have several Arm and Hammer anvils and have seen many more and they are all marked this way. hope this helps , Forgeman

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Is this new to you since your post yesterday?

Yes, I made that last post and not 10 minutes later a guy called me about a "Wanted" add I placed...Couldent believe it..First time ever..He said it had belonged to his great grandfather and the only thing it had been used for was cold forming horseshoes(they own a stable)...From the looks of the face I can believe it...I end up buying the anvil for $150....Im very happy..:D
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