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Alan Rogers: Forge &Anvil ??

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Don't know if they show more, but I've watched some of the episodes. Wasn't really impressed with some of what they showed, in particular the episode with the "medieval" swordsmith using what looked like to me charcoal briquets as fuel. Not real charcoal, but BRIQUETS like Kingsford or something, complete with the little pillow shape and rounded corners. And to make matters worse I stayed up late to catch this episode. Very disappointing, I thought. Haven't watched any of it since.:mad:

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I've watched all the episodes also, and would watch any other ones he made because hey... what other forging shows are there...?!?!

But I personally thought they are poorly shot, with horrible lighting, and not much explanation with a lot of missing steps.
I was more than a little disappointed, but like I said... would watch them again if he made some more.

Contributors on Youtube have made some waaaaaay better stuff.

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They only made ten episodes of Forge and anvil . I e-mailed Allen Rogers and he said that they would like to continue the series but have not done anything yet . however he said if nthey do anything else it would be on RFD channel .I have seen all the episodes , and I agrre it could have been better , but like someone has already said , how many blacksmithing shows do we have to choose from . thanks Forgeman

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I guess they adopted the phrase "Rural Free Delivery" to get the call letters RFD.
The channel focuses on rural/ farm related programming.
Old time music shows
Cattle auctions
Old time tractors and machinery
and lots of other 'country' stuff

We get it on the satelite dish.......pretty interesting.

I never realized until I saw this thread that there were only ten episodes of 'Forge & Anvil'!.........I thought I was just missing the rest of them somehow!

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