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Buffer wheel safety


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Not long ago, I had a railroad spike knife yanked from my hand swung around the buffing wheel, and thrown back into my left shoulder. I always stand just slightly off to the side, and this time it really paid off. Fortunately the blunt handle came first, and thus I was spared a trip to Dr. Riggs, but man what a bruise, and a wakeup. Now I understand what those cute little knive vices are for! I was always told the wire wheel is the most dangerous tool in the shop, but now, I believe it has a rival in my mind, same danger, different medium. As I am fairly new, I would like to alert any other new knife makers, clamp when buffing, sheesh, I almost wet myself, and of course, the day ended early.

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Glad you weren't seriously hurt. Only thing I can add.....with ANY rotary tool, STAY AWAY FROM THE LEADING EDGE of whatever your working on. No matter the direction of the rotation....there will always be a "leading and trailing" edge. It's next to impossible to get in trouble while working a trailing edge.
safety first.

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Another serious concern is the grinding and cutting wheels. We all need to make sure that they are in good condition prior to using them. At the speeds that they rotate, when they come apart they can cause major penetrating trauma. I have never responded to a call of this sort but, I have heard some of the stories....

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