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Hi, I'm new to this board mostly because I'm getting more into forging and a couple of weeks ago when searching for anvil information, google brought me here. 

I'm an amateur toolmaker, but also a woodworker and sometimes guitar maker. I've shaped chisels from thicker flat stock for a while, but have gotten recently more into drawing them out from round stock (why is the selection so poor compared to flat stock?!)

I don't think I'll expand anvil or smithing work beyond tools, but it is a nice way to make things more pleasant in what has become a world of sourced parts stuffed together, or CNC made chisels out of flat stock that is just OK for chisels. 

I'm north of Pittsburgh, PA a few miles. 

I posted a couple of examples of what I like to make in the chisel section. My name is Dave, but it looks like there's not too much full real name on here, so I called myself Buster Bolster because it's one of the things - the bolster - that's often missing or done in a cheesy way on modern chisels and I used to talk on woodworking boards and a few of my acquaintances there loved to give me heat about my fascination with getting a bolster forged integrally or welded onto a chisel so that the chisel would be a "real chisel" and not just hammered bar stock stuck in a handle. 

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7 hours ago, Daswulf said:

Welcome aboard Dave, from about 45minutes south of Pittsburgh PA. 


Thanks. I'm a used to be rural guy (well, 20 years ago) transplanted to not far from Ross Park Mall.  Admittedly, I never make it out of the city and south too often. If there was a straight road without much traffic, I'd travel around more. 

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Straight road, what is that? lol

The traffic in and right around pittsburgh and major to towns gives me anxiety. I'm basically right off Rt. 70 and travel it 20 minutes pretty much every day to get to and from work.   70 can either be a nice easy ride or a pain, but rarely as bad as some major roads in pittsburgh.

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