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nfinch86-Canadian Weldor 40yrs.+


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Hi Just Joined To-day: I'll be 58yrs. This Sat.-Sept.13/08,I've been Welding since I was 16 yrs. old & STILL LEARNING EVERY DAY.I'm an Iron Worker- Welder by Trade. I Live in Southern Ontario,Canada a small Farming Town called Delhi.,was Mostly Tobacco Country. I Own NORM'S MOBILE WELDING. We do a lot of Farm Repairs & Custom Fabrication in Norfolk,County,Ontario. I hope to post & learn more in the future.Norm Finch.Norm's THANK'S GUYS.

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Norm, welcome to Iforgeiron!
There are a lot of welders on this site and forums about welding.
You'll fit right in.
It's funny you should mention tobacco.....here in Eastern Kentucky we were a big producer of burley type tobacco..............I never knew tobacco was grown so far north as your location.
Oh well,........I learn something new every day!
Welcome to IFI.......Enjoy!

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Welcome to the forum i know your area well i grew up in Aylmer. I worked in the tobacco fields for most of my youth till i was married. I have been in the Ottawa valley since 1975
Spent a lot of weekends in Delhi at the Belgian Hall and of course the Courtland Hotel.
Enjoy the forum!


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THANKS BOB: Yes the Belgian Hall is still here, I don't know about the Courtland hotel,as i'm a non-drinker.As far as the Tobacco Fields thier almost gone now.,being replaced by Gensing and other Crops. I look forward to talking with you & the other members of this very interesting & informative Forum.Your DELHI ONT. Friend Norm.

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