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Stainless sheet


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Not so much a problem as wanting suggestions...

This weekend I was given a sheet of Stainless Steel about 2 foot by 4 foot, bright and shiny and one side has a protective sheet to protect the finish (just peels off). I thought about using part of it for some spatulas, but I also thought that it might not really be the best use for this. No tag or anything wrote on the metal and I didn't have my micrometer to measure it but it is about as thick as the blade in a box cutter and pretty stiff. It is really nice stuff and I'm now trying to decide the best use...

So I come now to ask all of you what you would do with such a piece...


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Well, i got out my snips and started cutting. OUCH!!! I then got my calipers out and measured this stuff. .04" I got 5 sets of circles cut for roses, just got to cut petals on the circles then the stipples and leaves then get to the forge. I've not made roses using the circles before (always the "russian" style though I always called it a ribbon rose) I also have never forged any stainless, so this should be fun... I still have 3/4 of the sheet remaining for other projects or roses if my hand recovers from the first cutting.

Since I forge out of doors it might take a while as they are calling for rain here until at least Wednesday...

Anyone forge weld stainless?

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