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I Forge Iron

Just to give an idea of how dangerous foundry work can be....

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There's a foundry in the town just north of me that is occasionally in the news for accidents and fires. They posted a recruiting video on Facebook a while back and were promptly dragged for it when someone pointed out that the video itself showed an OSHA violation.

(Full disclosure: I have a Dickies jacket embroidered with their logo, but I got it secondhand and not because of the logo.)

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  One of my first jobs was in a foundry that made bearings for railcar axles using rotocasting and I often wondered what would happen if something went wrong.  There was a hot dip galvanizing place nearby also where they dipped large materials.  A chain holding up one of the "dips" broke and when the item dropped in the tank it created a overflow flood of zinc that one poor fellow got caught in.  I'll spare the details but say what was left of his workboots were frozen on the floor by the zinc.  I had a friend that worked there, he soon left.  I no longer cast metal.

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