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Forging tongs with a power hammer


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This is not really an instructional video….just entertainment. This shows the process of forging a pair of 1/4x1 1/4 offset tongs.

Starting material is 5/8 round 5160 steel, cut 8.5 inches long. 

The tooling used is pretty simple. I have a 100 pound self contained power hammer with a full flat die on top and a “near side/far side” offset die on bottom.


The near side / far side die is just like using half-hammer-face-blows on the near side and far side of the anvil. 

The deep U-jaw is formed in a spring tool I machined for the purpose. 

Total overall length is trimmed down to about 18 inches after forging. 

It takes 5 heats to forge a half, 10 to forge both halves and 1 to set the rivet and line them up, so a total of 11 heats. 

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