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Just introducing myself as a new hobbyist. Took a blacksmith 101 course at a local crafts school and really enjoyed it. Signed up for the 102 class next month. I’m in the process of collecting some used tools from flea markets, thrift stores and tag sales. Have a couple of anvils that I collected earlier which led me to become interested in blacksmithing ( a bit backwards I suppose ). I’m retired and have been involved with antique machinery for decades. Thanks.

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Good Morning Mac,

There is nothing wrong with searching for Tools. Most of them you can make, just need a little Play-Doh in your hands, so you can figure out what goes where. Steel works identical to Play-Doh, except you can figure it out, in your hands first.

There is no wrong way, if it works, it is the right way.

Welcome from the Left Coast. 2 months and no rain, that is not normal.


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I collected some of the tools including anvils before starting due to lack of knowledge. But they turned out to be good investments. Once you know and start doing, you know way more. 

Welcome aboard, you found and joined a Great resource. 


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Welcome aboard from 7500' in SE Wyoming.  Glad to have you.

I suggest that you look up your local ABANA affiliate and join.  There is nothing like in person instruction and interaction.  That said, I am still flying solo because my wife is still very covid cautious.

"By hammer and hand all arts do stand."

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