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How to focus a box fan


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I have a box fan that is about 1 ft by 1ft by 6 inch it can produce 430 cfm but I can’t focus the airflow into a forge either having backflow or air blowing out the side of any entrance tunnel I try to dig into the foundry which is built into the ground. I’m wondering how I can attach and funnel the airflow into a pipe for more air pressure into my propane foundry. I don’t know if it is doable or if I should buy a fan that can achieve higher pressures. AC Infinity AXIAL 2060, Muffin...

This is the fan for reference


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I wouldn't use that type of fan for a forge blower unless I had no other choice.  That fan is optimized for high airflow at relatively low external static pressure (probably on the order of 0.1 inch WG).  You want the opposite for a forced air burner fan.

If I had to use it I would construct a shroud on the fan outlet that transitions from the 1' x 1' size down to 2" diameter at a maximum of a 30 degree angle from horizontal (something like below, but much longer).  I would minimize the duct length at the 2" size and no use elbows unless absolutely necessary.

Honestly, for the effort involved, you are better off finding a better option.



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If you used a small leaf shredder blower thingy you could feed dry leaves, grass and such to your LP wood stove in the shop like a gas burner for heat. You'd want to mount it vertically and aim the fuel air so it makes a vortex. The fire burns against the shell of the stove. Know anybody with things like old dead leaf blowers, forge blowers, etc. that could be converted? Heck, it the dead small power tool pile had a wood chipper in it a similar stove could be fed dry wood chips with an auger. 

There are details for things like the smoke stack, lining, etc. and ways to turn it into a multiple burn zone wood gas furnace but a 100gl. propane tank would be about perfect for an old drafty shop.

Frosty The Lucky.

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