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I Forge Iron

I'm new here and just wanted to say hello


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My name is Ron and I live in McMinnville Oregon. I am new to the forum and new to the art of metal forming.

I have done a few small projects like a special gate for a friend and done a bit of copper pipe work for arbors, tellis's, and artform around a porch.

I bought a small - cheap anvil (you get what you pay for) with the intent of doing some basic metal "pounding". I'm sure I will want to upgrade this because it's cast iron.

I have a wire feed welder (no gas) so it splatters like crazy when I weld. A grinder is my best frined. :-)

I plan to be quite on this forum and soak in the details you provide. At some point I will get brave and post some pictures of what I have made and look for some feedback for improvement.

Thanks for the forum and I hope to spend some time here frequently.


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Hi guys, my names Megs and I do enjoy my forging. Although I haven't been able to get into it for a while because I've been busy building a shed. In the past I've banged out a few knives and some arty stuff, so i can't wait to cranking up the forge once again.



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Welcome to IFI. Plenty of info here and a great place to show off your efforts :)

Thanks for the welcome. I spent over 5 hours here yesterday and got the ceative juices flowing agan. I will post some images of he crude stuff I have made in the future.
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Welcome to the site, You all will like it here, There's a lot of knowledge and experience here, And they don't mind sharing the info..Also be sure and check out the chat room. On Friday nites they have a Knife chat and you don't want to miss that...that is a Awesome shed you have built, how much time and if you don't mind me asking , I was wonder what one like that would cost, was this your first experience with laying stones..Looking forward to seeing more of your work..Tom

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