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Magnets and welding

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The effect you are seeing is called "arc blow".  It occurs when welding certain materials that may have magnetism.  This could be things that have been around a strong electrical or magnetic field, oil field tubular goods (casing, tubing, sucker rods, etc.), etc.  Google "arc blow".  Arc blow is usually seen when welding magnetized metal with DC.  AC welding is not affected by residual magnetism.  The magnets you are using will temporarily magnetize the metal you are welding, hence the arc blow.  Try putting the magnets further away from the weld pool.  If welding something like tubular goods, you can spirally wrap the work lead (ground on DC) around the material.  Here is a good explanation of arc blow:

https://www.lincolnelectric.com.cn/en/support/educational-training/welding-class/common-welding-problem/how-to-prevent-arc-blow#:~:text=Possible corrective measures include the following%3A 1 If,a reduction in arc speed More items...

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