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Restoring my 1947 Little Giant

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Got a new power hammer.  Talked with Dave, over at littlegianthammer, and he said it was originally sold in 1947.  Needs a decent amount more work, but it's getting there.  Melted out the old babbit bearings, and poured new.  Now it's time to start painting and reassembling.  


LG 1.jpg

LG 2.jpg

LG 3 .jpg

LG 4 .jpg

LG 5.jpg

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Thanks Frosty!i

I think it is a 1 HP motor on it right now (according to the guy I bought it from), but I cannot tell for sure because the nameplate is scratched up right there.  I have heard that 2 hp is the recommended size for a 25lb, but it seems pretty well powered from what I have tried using so far.

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I have a 1 1/2 hp on my 50# LG and it does okay. I salvaged a 5hp hot tub motor that'll be going on it when I get 240v to the shop, I'll be able to use a drive pully closer to recommended and get it's blow count up where it should be. It still does a lot of work slow and weak as it is now. :)

Frosty The Lucky.

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