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I am using a Canedy Otto blower. The model is Western Chief.

The blower is complete with all original parts and mountings. 

The base appears to be cast iron and it's bolted to the stone floor. A steel column about four inches across is threaded to fit the cast iron base. The blower mechanism is mounted to the top of this steel column. 

After a few minutes of use, the steel column and blower mechanism (both acting as a single unit) loosen up from the cast iron base and the blower is not stable and/or safe.

Can anyone suggest a fix ?




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I already tightened the post to base connection as tight as I could but it loosened up after a few minutes. The question remains, is there any locking mechanism on the bottom side of the cast iron base ?

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how does the threats look like in the base? it is possible that the threats are worn over time and because of the moving of the blower (it is a handcrancked one?) they loosen.

Can you get to the bottom side? If so. Drill out the remainders of the threat in the base. Longer bolts and put a nut on them.

Or loctite 

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Okay I got a minute to run out to the shop an look at my western chief this morning 

if you have the same style stand There’s a nut beneath the base that attaches the post an blower

just unbolt yours from the stone an tighten that nut





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12 hours ago, TWISTEDWILLOW said:

I don’t have any trouble with any of mine but since I went through the trouble of tipping it over I went ahead an soaked the threads in kroil

The bearings/seals where the crank handle meets the body of the blower are worn and leaky, so oil frequently gets down the vertical column and wets the threads on the cast iron base. Maye that contributes to the connection loosening up. 

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I wouldn’t think the nut would back off just because it got soaked in oil, otherwise old camelback drill an power hammers would fall apart because they really get oily!

i have three blowers with that round base stand but I’ve never had any reason to take em apart, so I don’t know for sure 

but I would guess that bolt is a carriage bolt that locks into a slot in the column,

if it got loose over time an the square shank of a carriage bolt jumped outta its slot you could tighten it an it would just keep getting loose until it’s re seated in its slot, ive seen that happen on other machines,

that’s all speculation though,

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